Waitress Puts Hot Dog Where It Shouldn’t Go

    What do we learn from this, boys and girls?   First, it’s not a good idea to insult or rudely treat your server (or any retail employee, of course) as they have many ways to seek revenge.   Second, if you’re a server or retail employee, don’t stoop to the level of the rude person and do something as disgusting as this, because NO ONE deserves it.  Just remember that Karma is a bitch and the person who was rude to you will get taken care of, no need to degrade yourself to do it.   And lastly, if you didn’t listen to #2 above, at least consider the hygiene issues and possible diseases you just exposed yourself to, and how in the world do you not know there’s a surveillance camera where you work?  So this woman now has a vaginal infection AND is probably unemployed, not to mention infamous on the internet.

Okay, prepare yourselves for the most atrocious act I have ever seen or heard of a server doing. Many, many people sent this video to me and I originally decided not to share it because, quite frankly, it’s disgusting and I didn’t want to give the general public any more reason to think that we servers are lowlife scum bags. However, after seeing how many people had already shared it, I figured why not?


We don’t know who this waitress is or where she works. All we know is that it appears that she stuffed a hot dog up her va-jay-jay before smothering that hot dog in ketchup and then presumably serving it to a customer. Ummm, they ordered a hot dog, not a Wiener Wrap with a side of sauce.While I 100% do not condone this behavior even in the slightest, I must admit that it’s rather fascinating to watch how far a server will go just to get revenge on a customer. Or at least I assume it’s revenge. I mean, what does a customer have to say to a waitress that will make her angry enough to shove a processed meat stick up her Fetus Flap?

If you are ever upset enough with a customer that you feel the need to shove food up your own body before serving that food, let me give you some advice: don’t fucking do that! It’s not worth it. No matter how awful the customer is to you, they will be out of your life within an hour. Please, for the sake of the hot dog and your own vagina, don’t do it. If that isn’t enough, just remember that every time you put a hot dog up your Sausage Wallet, you’re tarnishing the reputation of every other server in the world.

Also, to that guy in the blue shirt: you just barely missed the show of a lifetime.