8+ minutes of why cable companies suck.

Being gay “It gets better.” ┬áBeing in Customer Service, however…

The Onion loves CVS.

Local CVS Selling One Leather Jacket For Some Reason

CVS jacket

Wal-Mart is always good for some fun.

Thanks, but I’ll walk in, if you don’t mind.



A little weird but if you’ve been a manager, the employee’s dialogue will sound familiar and you’ll wish you could have said what the boss does…

This is why I will NEVER go to a Black Friday sale.

Great story about a great company and the CEO of Whole Foods

Skynet is not far away, and here’s the proof.

Depends on how you read it.

CVS pinpad

“Hey, just make yourself comfortable while you wait.”


pharmacy waiter

Is that a snake in your pants, or are you happy to see me?


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