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Can You Please Give Me The Name of the Item? 

from subscriber Karl

Today, well a pretty good day at work , just a few people who can’t seem to find the proper name for the item they are looking for…..

“I’m looking for the things that you take and put in binders, you know the ones with the holes in them so things wont fall out, I get them here all the time…(as I stand there with a blank look on my face, not having a clue what the hell he wants) Customer says never mind, I’ll find some one else that knows what I’m talking about! (I felt like saying sir , I don’t think you know what you’re talking about!)”

WOW, well if i did know what item you were looking for,  I wouldn’t be standing here trying to figure out which one of the 77,000 products I carry is the right one for you, you get them here all the time, but you can’t remember the name! Just a FYI there is no one on Earth that could surmise what you need from your half ass description.

Second case even better , I guess I’m supposed to read minds in retail as well, I have an idea , before you come in try to write down what you’re looking for , even better look around for the old package and write down the name of the product. If its INK , I have a great idea , look in the printer , look at the cartridge and read the number off the top, that will match the number on the box example HP 56 Black cartridge acutely says 56 on the box ……wow who would have ever guessed it, and to think that would work better than , “I have an HP printer, well it’s also a scanner, and I got it here a year ago” That narrows the selection down to about 50 different cartridges……

I’m always here to help the customer, but shouldn’t the customer help them selves a little bit, I mean some people come in here and you seriously have to question how they managed to get up get dressed and drive here without help…..

Example “Hi , I’m looking for an HP 56 Black cartridge”, Let me help you find that, Here it is , “Thank you” ……..have a good day …

Is This Lane Open?   YES!!

from subscriber Karl

I must get the question at least 20-40 times a day. What would be your first hint? Hmmmm maybe the checkstand light that has a box on top of a pole with a sign saying open with a light shining through…..or could it be the cashier that is staring at you while you try to figure it out, come on people , it’s just like a market , you walk in, get what you want , go to the front, look for the light that is on and get in line… It’s just that simple.

I Spend Thousands of Dollars Here!!

from subscriber Karl

     It amazes me how many times a week I hear this statement come out of a customer’s mouth.  Mind you that I don’t recognize the customer and I would guess if you did really spend thousands of dollars in here every week, I might remember your face.  (I do the books and run the store.)
     I understand that all customer’s wallets are hurting , but do you really think that phrase is gonna hit the OK button and the manager is going to some how say “Sure no problem, I’ll take back your 6 month old printer and give you a new one!”
     I just think its funny that if the shoe was on the other foot that there would be no way in hell that you would do that for me if I walked in your store and said “Take this back, it hasn’t  worked since the day I got it (That’s why you  used if for 6 months.  Excuse me but if I buy something that doesn’t work, you’re going to see me back the same or next day.)  I spend thousands in here! (Yeah let’s go check on that , hmmmm funny, the only transaction I can find from you is this one from 1/2 a year ago!) You not going to take it back! You don’t stand behind your products! (umm NO! the manufacturer does!   You know the company giving you the 1 year warranty.)   I’ll never buy from here again! (Please don’t , I’m losing money with your six month old return , little thing called NO MARGIN in electronics!)
     The best is when you walk in as a customer with a return or a problem and start out with telling me what I’m going to do for you and not asking what I can do for you…..there’s a big difference , one shows an entitlement the other shows a partnership between the customer and the manager to solve the problem, Guess which one works out better?
Just a little advice from a General Manager,  I am here to help the customer, but not kiss the customers ass.  I’m also here to protect the company assets and prevent loss.  I do have the power to help you but not give the store away for free. Thats how Circuit City went under! No margin + Sure we’ll take it back whenever + Bad economy = Closed doors!
A little insight as to what happens to your 6 month old printer after I take it back.   It goes in the trash and we EAT IT, that’s right, the manufacturer puts the same rules in place for us as we do for the customer, 14 – 30 days on the return. So you have to ask yourself how we overcome this– it’s simple,  we raise the price  2 bucks across the country, sell 75 units and make it up.
At the end of the day , what blows my mind is the sense of entitlement that a business  customer has to walk in and expect me to do what they themselves would not do at their own business….
Take This Coffee and Shove It!
from subscriber Greg
Back when I worked for a now defunct grocery chain we used to put out coffee and some cookies from our bakery for the customers in the morning.  There was this one older guy who came in like clockwork every day and drank a couple cups and ate a LOT of the cookies but never bought anything.  It was like part of his morning routine.
      So this one day he comes in and starts complaining that the coffee doesn’t taste right.  I try a cup and it tastes fine but he insists we make another pot.  I politely tell him we only put out one pot per day as a FREE service to our customers, to which he says I’m a customer, you have to satisfy him.  (I’m thinking, no, you’re not a customer, you’re a freeloader.)  I then said “Sir, this is complimentary coffee.  If you don’t like it, you don’t have to drink it as you aren’t paying for anything.  You can’t complain about something that’s free.”
     At this point he takes the cup he was drinking and chucks it at me.  Luckily most of it spilled before it hit me.  I call my manager over and explain what happened and she tells the guy to LEAVE THE STORE AND NEVER COME BACK.    He was pissed and threatened to call corporate but she said “You go right ahead.”  He never did and she was my hero for backing me up.   Sometimes the customer IS wrong.

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