11 Things That Customer Service Workers Don’t Like

After 40+ years in retail, I guess I can be called an expert and I saw this list and it nailed many of the frustrations that retail workers deal with on a daily basis.   A side note on #3, I worked for a while in a store that was in a senior citizen community and I remember one day when a customer whistled at me (like a dog) to get my attention.  I proceeded to cock my head to the side as if trying to hear something and kept walking, they whistled again and I stopped and cocked my head again and kept on going.  I never found out what they wanted but hopefully they learned that a retail person is not a dog you can call with a whistle!!

1. Enough with the personal info…

WTMI = Way Too Much Information.


2. Is that where that belongs?

I don’t think so, people…

This sure looks right to me...


3. Please don’t ever do this to anyone…

You might be kicked out of the store and never allowed back in.


4. Sounds like an awesome plan!

Why do people insist on doing this?


5. Don’t touch those things!

And mind your Ps and Qs.


6. That is pretty rude.

Just place it down gently, okay?

r/retailmemes - My biggest pet peeve


7. People can be so clueless.

And wear your mask when you go out in public!


8. Please don’t make me do this.

I can already see you sweating.


9. Math isn’t gonna cut it here.

So don’t make me do it!


10. Oh, cool, thanks for being so polite.

Be nice! It’s not hard!


11. I bet you wish you were outside!

Yeah…that would be nice. But sadly I’m stuck in here dealing with you.