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  1. Another issue walmart has with the way they “fire,” people is another “seasonal,” thing. During the busy seasons, no one gets fired. I have seen someone sexually harass a coworker by grabbing her ass while she was working the register. Same person hit a customer during Black Friday. Guy didn’t get fired until after the season was over. And it’s not just delaying the firing for bad people, it’s treating the good people with the same type of delayed punishment. I had worked there for two years and ended up ripping my cornea and missed two weeks of work. 6 months later one of the bosses came to me and wrote me up for all my missed days at once, putting me at my “final coaching,” meaning they could fire me at any given moment. They will also hire a bunch of people for Christmas and then let them go at the end of the season. Not a big deal, right? Lots of companies do that. Except for walmart will call them all back and hire them the NEXT DAY. Now, all of those workers have to work an additional 3 months before they are actually “hired” and before they can get their discount card, and 15 months before they get benefits.

    They have recently raised their starting wages. Unfortunately, this only helps people who are just starting out. You make more when you start, and new associates even get higher raises. (See my last complaint about firing seasonal workers before any of this can happen..) However, people who have worked there longer? A friend of mine who has been a supervisor for 8 years? She got a 20 cent raise, or so, and now will continue to only get between a 20-50 cent raise (decided by salaried management) for however long she works there.

    I did not suffer much at the hands at Walmart, because I was likeable. I still felt very disheartened working there because no matter how high through the ranks I rose, I felt horrible and disheartened. But I still disagree with everything they do. Their biggest competitor is Amazon. Holding out hope that the Internet will eventually put them out of business.

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