More Retailers Closing on Thanksgiving This Year

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Some good news for a change, it seems that a recent trend is reversing itself and this year more retailers will be closing on Thanksgiving, instead of more staying open.   Lowe’s, Pier 1, Petco, Petsmart and Sam’s Club are among the retailers that have decided to choose turkey over sales.

Not sure if it’s truly motivated by wanting to do the right thing for their employees or if they analyzed data from last year and decided it wasn’t profitable to stay open due to low sales, but either way it’s a good thing and hopefully even more retailers will follow suit.   After all, who really needs to buy dog food on Thanksgiving?   If you’re out, give the pooch some turkey.  You’ll probably have enough.


It’s still almost two months until Thanksgiving, but a growing list of national retailers say they will stay closed on the holiday itself and start their big sales on Black Friday.

Websites such as, which are dedicated to posting Black Friday hours as soon as they are announced, say Gamestop, Home Depot, Nordstrom and Costco will be closed on Thanksgiving again this year to let their employees enjoy the holiday with their families instead of staffing the cash registers.

Other stores that will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, according to, are BJs, Fred’s Pharmacy, Game Stop, Harbor Freight, Lowe’s, Pier 1 Imports, Petco, PetSmart, Sam’s Club, TJ Maxx, Tractor Supply Co. and Dillard’s.

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  1. Back when I had a “real job” I refused to go to any store on a major holiday! It’s just not right to make people work when they should be with their families. It’s un-American & anti family. Unfortunately, it’s big business, and the party that claims to be the most “Christian” is the party that only cares about THE BOTTOM LINE.

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