CVS Health expands Curbside pick-up service to 4,000 locations

Still not sure why they would start this up right after Target decided it didn’t work for them, seeing as how they are working together now, but it has in fact started up and there’s already been problems with the website crashing and they’ve been unable to honor coupons they gave out at the start.  The employees are wondering why they aren’t getting  extra hours to pack up and process the orders,  customers have been parking in the spaces clearly designated for Curbside Pickup, and at least locally it has been met with a lukewarm reception.  Perhaps things will get better during the holidays.  I’m tempted to order a roll of duct tape, a garbage bag and a kitchen knife and see which lucky cashier gets sent out at 9 PM to bring the order when I roll up in an unmarked white van…

from Drug Store News. 

WOONSOCKET, R.I. —  CVS Health will be offering curbside pickup through its partnership with Curbside at more than 4,000 locations beginning Monday, following a successful pilot launch across  San Francisco, Charlotte, North Carolina and Atlanta, according to reports.

“The response and adoption of CVS Curbside from our customers has been very positive,” Brian Tilzer, CVS Health SVP and chief digital officer, told Drug Store News. “We operate on a customer-first mentality so our innovations are focused on adding value and creating convenience for our customers,” he said. “We actually saw CVS Curbside as an added convenience and way to create more visits to our store. Through our pilot testing, we found that on average, basket purchases were larger through online delivery and Curbside pick-up vs. in-store.”

Through the Curbside service, customers can submit an order through their CVS app. CVS will send a text when the order is ready, which is usually within the hour. An employee then meets the customer at the curb with the order in hand.

According to reports, CVS Health realized a higher rate of repeat purchases through the Curbisde pilot than through regular buy-online and pick-up-in-store options.
CVS Health first announced its partnership with, and investment in, Curbside in April.