Update: Walmart Vagina Thief Story is Bogus, Real Story is More Heinous






Okay so this story is actually BS.   It originated either on Empire News or another site similar to The Onion that posts satirical news stories.  The sad part is that the woman pictured in the story is actually even more messed up than someone who would steal stuff in their vagina.   The internet bought this story and ran with it big-time.  Sorry, Walmart folks. This woman did NOT steal groceries from WalMart in her Vagina What she did was much worse

A story is circulating the web about a woman who stole $100 worth of groceries from Wal-Mart, by stuffing the products in her vagina. The story goes as follows.

The woman was seen putting items up her dress. She was detained and an officer gave her a full body search. After the body search, where nothing was found, three oranges fell out from between her legs. The story is clearly satirical, as it goes on to say during the following cavity search they found milk, eggs, butter, some more oranges and a few other random groceries. The story claims the store did not press charges on the woman because the situation was too funny.

The story seems to have originated from Empire News on March 6, 2015. The woman in the picture is named Holly Fray in the story. As it turns out, Holly Fray is actually Janeen Snyder. Janeen’s Snyder’s story is far more dark and twisted than Holly Fray’s grocery store heist.

On April 17, 2001 Janeen Snyder was only 21-years-old when she and her 45-years-old lover, Michael Thornton, kidnapped, tortured, sexually abused and killed 16-years-old Michelle Curran.

Janeen Snyder Michael Thornton

Snyder was friends with Thornton’s daughter, and moved in with the two. Snyder and Thornton made a quick bond, which became the foundation for a relationship based upon drugs and sadistic sex with unwilling teenage girls.

On April 4, 2001 Curran was walking to school when she was kidnapped by the two. The sadistic couple abused and raped the girl for just over three weeks. On the afternoon of April 17, the couple trespassed on to a horse ranch in Ribidoux, California. On the ranch they found a storage shed, used mainly to store horse equipment. They then tied the girls hands and feet, strapped her to harnesses and violated her one last time. When they were done, Snyder shot the young girl in the forehead.

The owner of the ranch ended up catching the couple in the shed. Police caught the two while they were fleeing the scene. The original charges were only breaking and entry, as they had already hid the body, but they were held on a million dollar bond, due to the excessive amount of blood on their clothes. Five days later, the owner of the ranch found the young girls body stuffed into a horse trailer. Thornton and Snyder were charged with kidnapping, sexual assault and murder.

During the trial two other young girls would come forward against the couple. Both girls had similar stories. They were lured by Thornton and Snyder, then given methamphetamine’s and mushrooms. They were told they would be killed if they tried to escape and were also sexually abused.

Towards the end of the trial, Snyder admitted to a psychiatric expert, that they were responsible for the murder of 14-years-old Jesse Kay Peters. Snyder said on March 29, 1996 she was able to lure Jesse to her car from her house. She then took her to Thornton’s house, where she was raped and murdered. Her body was then dismembered and said to be dumped at Dana Point. It is said that the two are not yet charged for the death of Jesse Kay Peters.