CVS Finally Ends The Long Receipts (Well, Some Of Them)

Well I’ve talked about how long CVS receipts are, even though someone decided they didn’t have the longest one out there, and one way that someone cut down on the excess but now it looks CVS has finally done something about it.  By the end of June they will roll out digital receipts to all 7,900+stores so the customer will have the option to not get a paper receipt, similar to what is done at Petsmart and other retailers. The customer will be asked just once if they want to opt-in for digital receipts and if they do, the receipt will be emailed to them and any coupons that would have been on the mile-long receipt will be able to be transferred to their ExtraCare card for the next time they visit.

It remains to be seen how many customers will opt-in, not everyone has or wants an ExtraCare card and some customers (like me) would rather have a paper receipt I can easily trash instead of another email to delete, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.  I’m sure the accountants decided the money saved on receipt tape will be worth the cost of installing all the software.

And in a stroke of marketing genius, they actually got to announce it on the Jimmy Kimmel show.  Btw, I’m liking Jimmy Kimmel as VP…