A Retailer Saves Some Paper

Earlier this year I blogged about how long receipts are getting  and it looks like at least one retailer is doing the right thing.  I was shopping at Sprouts last night, and while the very nice cashier was going back to get me a new quart of milk because the one I had was leaking, I glanced at my receipt and noticed this:


Note the last line at the bottom:  CONTINUED ON BACK.   It’s a 2-sided receipt! Obviously they needed to upgrade their printers, but the cost savings over the long run will probably more than make up for it and plus they’re doing the right thing for the environment.   On the back it also allows you to get their ad emailed to you electronically instead of in the mail, which many companies are also doing these days.

Kudos to Sprouts, and maybe someday Kmart, Rite-Aid, CVS and the others will follow suit.