Walmart employee accused of stealing $240K from store

Over the years I’ve had a lot of trusted employees steal from my store.  I’ve always subscribed to the 5/90/5 rule–meaning 5% of people will steal from you no matter what, 5% would NEVER steal from you no matter what, and the other 90% might if you give them a motive and opportunity.   I managed to  keep most of the 90% happy and motivated and created an environment where employees didn’t feel they needed to steal and also that they would get caught if they did.   But I did have some of the 5% and it was always tough when you had money missing and it turned out to be someone that you trusted.

I never, however, had anyone take anywhere close to the amount of money that this lady took from Walmart over an 18-month period.  $8,000 in a day?  That’s insane, even considering how much volume Walmart does it’s incredible that it took so long to notice money missing.   Pretty amazing that she managed to get another job after being caught  (background check, anyone?) but I have a strong feeling she’s going to be doing some serious jail time.

DECATUR, Texas (April 16, 2015) — A Texas Walmart employee is accused of stealing $240,000 from the store where she worked.

Police arrested Nacina Walker, 50, in what one detective calls the biggest theft case he’s ever handled, according to WFAA. The thefts happened between January 2013 and October 2014. According to investigators, Walker created fake returns and then pocketed the eventual refunds.

She told investigators it started with small amounts. When she realized the store hadn’t noticed $50 missing here and $100 missing there, the amounts grew. At one point, she stole more $8,000 a day, police said.

Walker told detectives she did it to pay medical bills and because she was caring for her elderly parents.

She’d worked at the Walmart since 1982, police said.

Source: WFAA