Things That Customer Service Workers Want You To Stop Doing

This is from  and every single one of them will ring true with you if you’re still in customer service or worked there for a while.  I will have to add a couple more:

“If it was a snake it would have bitten me!”   when the product they asked for is literally right in front of them

“Do you work here?” (or the other version “Are you working here?”)    while I’m in my work shirt clearly stocking shelves

“Do you know how much this costs?” (holds up random product)   Yes, I have the price of all 25,000 items memorized.


Enjoy the rest of these gems.

1. Do you really love your job?

You don’t have to lie to us. I think we can tell you don’t.


2. Oh, no, please don’t leave!

You know you’ve heard this one before. Bet on it!


3. I’ve heard that one before…

And I’m gonna keep hearing it over and over.

4. I ain’t wearing no mask!

These people are really delightful.

5. I made it!

Well, isn’t that incredibly rude?


6. What do you think?

Well, the doors are locked…so…


7. I know it’s not my fault…

Enough with the abuse!


8. Hey o! Never heard that one before!

Thank you for the comedy gold!


9. Hmmmm…don’t need to hear that one again…

But nice try…


10. Don’t you wish you were outside?

What are you doing stuck in here?