9 Times Customers Crossed The Line

    These are from Natureworld.com,  there’s a lot more where these came from but these are the best.   Lots of bad tippers and reminders that the customer isn’t always right, especially when they leave a mess for a retail employee to clean up.

Here’s a tip: Leave a tip

We’ve already shown you guys situations where customers leave unbelievably ignorant notes or left next to no tip. Are you ready for things to kick up a notch? Too bad, because it’s happening! This faithful customer killed two birds with one stone by leaving a note, AND no tip. Spoiler alert: the rationale is nothing short of pitiful.

Don’t get us wrong; we’re more than sympathetic to single mothers. Kids are expensive, and raising them on your own is no easy feat. Even still, that’s no excuse for this behavior. If this mother had tipped 20%, her total bill would be considerably less than a generic brand pack of diapers. If this bill plus a 20% tip is genuinely going to break the bank, consider cooking for yourself. It’s way cheaper.

Customer of the Month

Some businesses love to honor their employees of the month with pictures on the wall and other perks, to let them know their hard work is appreciated. This establishment, however, went above and beyond to celebrate the absolutely worst customers of the month. And when we say honor, we mean to embarrass the living daylights out of them. No, getting on this wall is not a positive thing.

This wall of shame is incredible! Not only do other customers get a relatively detailed picture of this man, but they get action shots of him stealing banners! This man would be a fool ever to step foot in this business again. If he did, he wouldn’t get in and out without being confronted, that’s for sure.

Another parenting win

This might not be offensive towards the store, but it’s definitely not educational. Couldn’t she find anyone to watch her kid while she runs R-rater errands, or, maybe run her errands at another time? This is just inappropriate, and we’re pretty sure the store wouldn’t like it either.

Did she also explain what she was buying? This list has us shaking our heads, wondering what are some people thinking. The problem is that they’re probably aren’t thinking. If she’d had taken a moment to consider her actions, she might’ve realized what was wrong. Oh well, live and let die, right?

A need for speed

We’ve learned repeatedly that some customers genuinely don’t understand how the service industry works, and this scenario is no different. Here’s another customer that left a negligible tip amount and took it upon themselves to “leave a helpful suggestion.” Unfortunately, this customer went about this situation the wrong way and punished the wrong employee in the process.

This customer acts like the server has all the control over what goes on in the kitchen. Did this person think the server would see this bill, stop what they were doing, and immediately fire all the kitchen staff? Some people are so delusional! Sometimes, waiting staff suffers so much, and simply because they’re the only faces people see. It’s just not fair.

Buddha’s watching

With all the despicable things customers have done up to this point, I guess we can’t be too surprised with this one. This situation takes thievery to a whole new level, though, and this time, with a religious object: a Buddha. Hmm, somehow we have a feeling thievery isn’t in the Buddha’s teachings.

There has to be some special kind of taboo when stealing something of religious association, right? According to this sign, there are enough customers that don’t think so or don’t care. If you’ve ever seen an Indiana Jones movie, then you should be aware of the risks that come with stealing a major religious symbol.

I didn’t ask for advice, just a tip

Dads aren’t amusing when they’re making Dad jokes to a server, and even less amusing when they leave a Dad joke on the check instead of a tip. Surprise, someone did this on their bill! This customer left advice instead of a monetary tip, and condescendingly at that. This is so aggravating!

Wow, what a way to not tip this server and give them insulting career advice at the same time. If your server wants a new career, then they know how to look for one. They don’t need your wise-cracking self to write down a job-hunting website. Maybe your server should give you a website that helps improve manners and common decency!

Some people lack cents

Ready for another astoundingly bad tipper? This customer’s demeanor is far from being uplifting. Not only did they leave next to nothing as a tip, but they had to add an extra jab with a demeaning message. Sorry guys, but this one won’t make you any less angry than the rest.

People barely carry change anymore, let alone use pennies. The gesture of leaving pennies alone was heartless, but then they had to add the “worth less” part in there. This customer has really shined through as being a terrible person. How bad does this person’s self-esteem have to be to treat wait staff this way? We can only hope there will be a time where this person is in dire need of four pennies but comes up short.

Trash removal

Guys, get ready to be sick to your stomachs. We’ve seen some nasty messes that customers have left, but this one might take the cake. Why someone would do this to wait staff is beyond us. This mess almost resembles sewer water with bits of old lemon in it, but let’s see what your interpretations are.

Disgusting is an understatement in this situation! Not to mention, how much do you have to degrade a person? It’s shameful to have to dig for cash out of a mess like this. If we were this waitress, we might’ve marched out and quit our job on the spot. Please, people, don’t make your wait staff feel less than human.

There are no words for this

Well, guys, we had to save the best for last, and when we say best, we mean worst. As it turns out, there are no bounds to how disgusting customers can be. We don’t want to say too much because the picture speaks for itself. After going through all these horrible customers’ acts, we should all go out and pay good deeds to someone in the service industry.

Accidents happen and all, but this was no accident. Most people would scurry to find a bathroom or pee their pants before peeing on a display item in a worst-case scenario. This customer may get the award for the grossest customer of the year. They clearly didn’t consider that an employee would have to clean it up or that other customers would be subjected to looking at their urine. Yuck!