28 Nightmare Stories From Your Workplace

  These are from the readers of Cracked.  They range from the “Ahh, not a big deal” to “You’ve got to be kidding me.”
  #25, the boss who had employees do things “Just to see if you’re listening” reminds me of a new COO that took over my company and told everyone to scrape the scotch tape off our shelves because it looked tacky.  So as he did visits, he would check for tape and berate the store manager if he found some.  As word got out, we all devoted hours and hours of labor to having people scrape scotch tape off shelves–oh and by the way, this was just a few weeks before Christmas.  Not like they had better things to do.   When all was said and done it turned out he didn’t really care about the tape, he was trying to see how well we “executed.”    A year or so later he moved on after turning the company upside down and he collected all his stock options.   We all wanted to “execute” him…

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