Sadly, Rick Dreiling has to keep working


Those of you who worked for Longs will remember Rick Dreiling, who came aboard with Warren Bryant and promised the world but eventually helped get the company ready for sale to CVS.   Last I heard, Warren was relaxing on the beach with his $23 million buyout although apparently he’s been collecting even more money by being on boards of directors, but Rick has bounced around since promising to “revitalize” Longs and ended up at Dollar General.

Rick was set to retire in May, but after his company (Dollar General) apparently failed to impress Family Dollar with their offer, Family Dollar decided to merge with Dollar Tree instead.  (That’s a lot of Dollars!)   Perhaps they had too much Scotch Tape on their shelves. (Inside joke for the Longs folks.)

I am saddened to know that he will have to work longer before retiring with his millions of dollars.  I can no longer watch the movie “Hoosiers” thanks to Rick.  (sorry, another inside joke.)

The full story is here.

One thought on “Sadly, Rick Dreiling has to keep working

  1. Sounds more like Dick Dreiling than Rick Dreiling. All these guys come in, make the stock look good by cutting expenses and then sell their stock options and move on. They should have to sign 10 year contracts when they are hired.

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