Things You Must Stop Doing To Retail Store Employees In The Age Of Coronavirus

Although I’m not currently working, I feel for my friends who still are at work and for all the grocery store and other retail employees who are on “the front lines.”  Buzzfeed came up with this list and I agree with all 19 of them.  Do the right thing everyone!

1. Don’t bring your whole family to the store — come alone if you can.

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  • It’s hard to practice safe social distancing when the stores are jam-packed. If at all possible, leave the kids, spouse, and/or grandparents at home and shop by yourself.

2. Don’t get in an employee’s personal space.


3. And don’t ignore any markers on the floor that encourage social distancing.

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4. Don’t come to the store if you feel sick.

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5. Don’t give employees unsolicited advice on how to protect themselves.


6. Don’t come to the store “just to get out of the house.”

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7. Don’t touch stuff you don’t intend to buy.

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8. Don’t tell employees how “lucky” they are to work.


9. Don’t complain about items being out of stock.

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10. And don’t ask them to “check in the back” for out-of-stock items, either.

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11. Don’t complain to your cashier about having to touch the keypad to complete your transaction.

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12. On a similar note: Don’t try to sanitize the credit card machine before touching it.

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13. Don’t fight with other customers over hard-to-find items.

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14. Don’t complain about the store’s new hours.

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15. And if your store has set up special shopping hours for elderly, pregnant, or immunocompromised customers, don’t violate them.

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16. Don’t whine about store limits on how much toilet paper or hand sanitizer you can buy.

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17. Don’t pay with cash if you have the option of using a credit/debit card.


18. Don’t tell employees that you think all these new precautions are an “overreaction” or “unnecessary.”


19. And finally, just don’t be rude!

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 Keep your distance, follow the rules, and don’t be a jerk. Let’s all do our part, please!