Terrible Things Retail Workers Said To Customers

This one is from Radbeaver.com, and it’s basically some stories about rude retail employees saying bad things to customers, not the other way around.  I have certainly had times where I may have THOUGHT things like this in my head, but would never even consider saying them.   I would hope that the people who actually said these things are no longer working in retail, since they lack common sense as well as common courtesy.



When we usually bring up this subject, it’s usually about retail workers being the victims in the story and either get harassed or humiliated by customers. But this time it’s the other way around, and now the victims are the customers who unfortunately were treated like absolute crap by retail workers. The moral of the story is that some people are just rude and have no manners and once they get a job they will continue to act that way and when it’s their turn to be customers they’ll also continue to display their crappy attitude.

1. How do you explain this receipt then?

2. Why must you get involved in my life like that

3. I hope he got fired

4. How exactly is that your problem anyways?

5. I’m a human being for god’s sake, show some respect

6. There’s nothing worse than a bad pun

7. I’ll take it as a compliment

8. Why would anyone even say that, eugh

9. You’re really invading my privacy here buddy