19 Customer Service Fails That Actually Happened

  These are all ACTUAL stories from real people at Cracked.com, and I’m sure you’ll find one of them that rings familiar to an experience that you had.  For me it’s #18, the time I had a weekend trip planned to San Francisco to see a baseball game with a friend, my flight on Friday morning was delayed multiple times before finally being cancelled.  The airline offered to put me a flight THE FOLLOWING DAY, which of course was ridiculous since I’d miss the game and half of the trip and hotel I had paid for.  The airline (United, as you might have guessed) then refused to refund my ticket since I had bought it through Travelocity, and after hours on the phone with Travelocity I was told that I’d have to get the refund from United!!  So basically, I would have been out around $800 (not counting the game tickets I had already paid for) because of a flight the airline cancelled and neither the airline or the travel site would reimburse me for it.  Fortunately my credit card company was more than willing to dispute the charge for me and I ended up getting it all back.  You just have to know how to fight.

Enjoy the 19 below and feel free to comment and add your own to the list ilf you’d like!!



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