16 Times Fast Food Went Too Far In 2016

   These were sent into Buzzfeed (you know, the garbage, failing news site…) and I’m glad they published them.  Because Americans need to know that fast food restaurants are pulling out all the stops in an effort to keep their business.   They also seem to be motivated to keep the antacid drug makers in business as well, as some of these over-the-top spicy items seem destined to burn the throats and esophaguses of many a customer.
    I have doubts that ANY of these will be eaten in 2017.  I think they should all follow the very successful business model of In And Out Burger, namely, do one thing and do it WELL.
    And if someone really wants to eat a Kit-Kat Quesadilla, they can just order a Quesadilla and bring their own Kit-Kat bar in.  Save the line on the menu for something else, OK?

1. McDonald’s Nutella Burger


What it is: AKA the “Sweety con Nutella,” it’s literally just a bun filled with Nutella. THAT’S IT, Y’ALL!!!

Introduced: November 2016 to their Italy locations

2. Burger King Whopperito


What it is: BK’s website calls it the “ultimate burger-burrito mashup,” which I don’t remember anyone on Earth ever asking for, but K.

Introduced: August 2016

Anna Kopsky

3. Taco Bell Cap’n Crunch Delights


What it is: A doughnut hole filled with icing, rolled in bits of Cap’n Crunch. It actually sounds pretty good… SORRY.

Introduced: July 2016


4. McDonald’s Matcha McFlurry


What it is: Not to be confused with the Oreo Green Tea McFlurry from a few years ago, this treat’s got vanilla ice cream with powdered green tea (???) and adzuki red beans. IDK, MAN.

Introduced: March 2016 to their China locations


5. Burger King Angriest Whopper


What it is: Supposedly the hottest Whopper EVER, this bad boy has hot sauce baked into its bun. BAKED. INTO. ITS. BUN.

Introduced: March 2016

6. Wendy’s Ghost Pepper Fries


What they are: Beloved Wendy’s fries drowned in cheese sauce, jalapeños, cheddar, and “a specially made ghost pepper sauce” that literally requires you to be BRAVE to try them. I’m just trying to snack here, people!

Introduced: May 2016

7. Burger King Mac n’ Cheetos


What it is: Mac ‘n’ cheese deep-fried in an orange Cheetos crust. Hit or a miss? WE STILL CANNOT DECIDE.

Introduced: June 2016

—Shannon Sims Smith, Facebook

8. Wendy’s Spicy Sriracha Chicken Sandwich


What it is: Wendy’s already-spicy chicken sandwich in a Sriracha-infused bun, with Sriracha cheese, and Sriracha aioli sauce. Have the fire department on speed dial before throwing your dollars at this lil guy.

Introduced: December 2016

9. Dunkin’ Donuts Belgian Waffle Breakfast Sandwich


What it is: A classic breakfast sandwich amplified to the nth power by having BIG-ASS BELGIAN WAFFLES AS BUNS. It’s just a lot, okay?!

Introduced: August 2016

10. Wendy’s Tacolicious Taco Salad


What it is: A beloved ’90s menu item they brought back for their fans. It’s a “salad” topped with chili and TONS of cheddar cheese, and you can add whatever else you want. HEAR ME OUT — is this not just nachos???

Introduced: October 2016

11. Carl’s Jr. Budweiser Beer Cheese Bacon Burger


What it is: Cheddar sauce mixed with Budweiser beer on a burger. It’s honestly not THAT bad, but nothing truly says ‘MERICA more than having to specifically put Budweiser on a burger.

Introduced: October 2016

12. Red Robin Red Ramen Burger


What it is: Everything you love about a burger, smushed between two flat reminders of drunken college nights eating on your floor.

Introduced: April 2016


13. Jack in the Box Sriracha Curly Fry Burger

Jack in the Box


What it is: A jumbo-sized burger topped with tons of Sriracha sauce and curly fries.

Introduced: April 2016

14. Taco Bell Kit Kat Chocodilla


What it is: It’s like a quesadilla, except instead of cheese filling, it’s filled with melted Kit Kats.

Introduced: October 2016 in their UK locations

—Mallory Amanda, Facebook

15. Pizza Hut Stuffed Garlic Knots Pizza


What it is: You already love pizza crust, and garlic knots, right? WHY NOT COMBINE THE TWO? Don’t forget to plan a four-hour nap after inhaling this.

Introduced: January 2016

16. And the Taco Bell Cheetos Quesadilla


What it is: Literally just a glorious quesadilla topped with tons of Cheetos.

Introduced: November 2016 to their Philippines locations