An Open Letter To Customers From A Cashier

An Open Letter To Customers From A Cashier

     This letter is probably what 99% of the cashiers out there think, the other 1% haven’t been there very long.  I would also add “Please don’t ask if I’m open when my light is clearly on and I’m standing there” and ” Please don’t continue conversing with me after your transaction is complete because there are others behind you, open your eyes.”

from The Odyssey Online. 

An Open Letter To Customers From A Cashier

Please don’t ask if my register is open when the light is clearly off.

Dear Customer,

Please do not start to put all of your items on the belt and then ask if this line is express. If I tell you “Yes, but you’re fine!” Please don’t say “Oh, sorry! I can go somewhere else!” Never will I have a customer move registers if they’ve already put their items on the belt; that wouldn’t be right on my part. Please don’t ask if my line is open when my light is obviously off. I’m most likely finishing an order up and heading home or going on my break.

Don’t get mad at me when your coupons don’t work. Coupons are a pain in all of our butts, and their faultiness is not my fault. Sometimes they don’t scan. If they aren’t expired I will gladly still use them for you! With coupons, please make sure you get the right item that the coupon is for. I don’t want to have to have someone keep running back and fourth to get your groceries, because that inconveniences the both of us. Check your coupons as you shop! 🙂

I am only a 20-year-old. This is also my part-time job. Please try to stay calm with me if the sales don’t come off correctly. I’ll try to fix it to the best of my ability, but I’m not perfect. Please remember that I’m not the owner of this store, or the person who makes the prices. If something is expensive, I’m not the one to blame and I really can’t do anything to change that for you. I’m just a young adult who’s trying to pay for college!

If you don’t want an item please don’t set it down next to the magazines or on top of a cooler. We all go up to the register and realize we bought the wrong milk or didn’t want the cereal anymore, but there is another option. Don’t be embarrassed to hand the item to me. I understand things happen and I’ll make sure it gets back, especially if it’s a frozen item!

If we run out of something and we are apparently “always out of it,” let me know and I will let a manager know. But don’t blame me. I’m clearly not buying all of the bacon that’s on sale. I know you’re upset, as I would be too, but please don’t yell at me, again I just work here.

When your prices is wrong, or your coupons don’t work please don’t respond with “I’ll just go to _____.” All grocery stores have different prices so feel free to buy whatever you need here and go to another grocery store. Most of us do the same thing!

So please before you go to your local grocery store use these tips before approaching your cashier. I promise we’re all nice. Some of us have bad days but everyone does. If you’re nice to us we’ll be nice right back!


A Cashier