Newly Hired Manager Deals With The Worst Customer Ever

I have to say, lately it seems like I’m finding more and more of these stories where customers go over the top and the manager or store says “Enough!” and decides that the aggravation the person is causing is not worth the amount they’re spending.  I’m glad to see it because I think more and more people are taking advantage of the “Squeaky wheel gets the grease” and just pushing and complaining until they get their way.    I’ve also had customers we had to ban from my store although I never went as far to file it with the police, but I was always happy knowing that corporate had my back and I could basically deal with the person any way I wanted to if they decided to come back.   (Of course, they often scream “I’LL NEVER SHOP HERE AGAIN!” like we’re upset about it, when in fact we think “PLEASE FOLLOW THROUGH ON THAT!”)