31 Weird Things People Bought at the Grocery Store

    Here’s a great list from Buzzfeed of the craziest things people bought at the grocery store while they were drunk.  It’s quite apparent that alcohol and shopping don’t mix.  And as for #27, I’d say you don’t have to be drunk to regret that decision.

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the funniest, weirdest, most glorious thing they’ve bought while drunk grocery shopping. Here’s what a few people said.

2. “A massive jar of peanut butter, a king sized Reese’s, and some peanut butter Ritz sandwiches. I’m allergic to peanuts. When my roommate reminded me of this, I told her that allergies aren’t real. Thankfully, I passed out before I ate any of it.”

3.Crab legs and a bunch of coconuts. Watched Cast Away and opened coconuts with a hammer.”

4. “I bought baby formula and diapers. I was a virgin at the time.”

6. “I stole three small bottles of vanilla essence and then freaked out and smashed them all on the ground outside the store. Another time I bought eight plums and took them into my bed and snuggled them.”

7. “I bought four bags of plastic balls and an inflatable kiddie pool and then constructed a ball pit in the hallway of my dorm.”

8. “Went to the fancy cheese counter at the store and asked the cheese lady which type of cheese went best with ‘too much wine.’ Ended up probably spending $40 on cheese and crackers.” –

10. “I was drunk at a friend’s birthday and had an overwhelming desire to build a gingerbread house. It was late October.”

11. “My friend asked me to pick up some cat food on the way back to his house after a night of drinking. I turned up with a can of pineapple slices and proceeded to argue with him about them being a totally legit meal for the cat and how dare he be so rude when I had procured a tropical FEAST for his ungrateful animal.”

12. “Stole four pumpkins and a balloon. Just picked it all up and walked right out of the store.” -Katherine Robinson, Facebook

14.18 boxes of cherry flavored condoms.”

15. “A 10-gallon plastic tub of lard. I just thought it was funny. I don’t even use lard.”

16. “I once made my brother drive me to three different Safeways in hunt of their bakery cinnamon rolls. I don’t recall whether we found them…but I do know I ended up walking out with a lovely set of glitter markers from the markdown shelf.”

18. “Bought four umbrellas and a DVD of Mickey’s Christmas Carol…on a sunny day in August. Got kicked out immediately after for being barefoot. I’m just horrible, really.”

19. “Walked to the 24-hour Safeway hammered at 4 AM after suddenly deciding we were in the mood for chili. Made it from scratch and ate it while we watched the sunrise. Best damn chili ever.

20.A deck of cards, a jar of mustard and a roll of Saran wrap. I don’t remember buying it. I just found it in a bag on the counter when I woke up the next morning. What the hell was I planning?!”

22. “Once, after a night of drinking, the husband and I decided to buy our daughter’s Christmas stocking stuffers. We wound up dropping $110 on candy and toys. We had many regrets in the morning. She had a merry freaking Christmas.”

23.$70 worth of assorted flavored cheese curds. I’m from Wisconsin.”

24. “I bought a can of chocolate frosting and an entire pack of plastic spoons to eat it with on my long two block walk home.”

26.Red Man Chewing Tobacco. I don’t chew. I don’t smoke. I threw up.”

27.Britney Spears’ perfume. I instantly regretted it.”

28. “We went to Tesco’s and I was adamant in my drunken state that I wanted to buy a Bratz DVD. I was stomping my feet and having a tantrum.”

30.Seitan, prosciutto, kale chips, brie, chipotle sauce and green juice. I remember telling my friend we were going to make ‘some fire breakfast tacos in the morning’ with that stuff….that never happened.”

31. “I bought $60 worth of cheesecake once. No ragrets.”