A Pretty Bad Employee Confrontation

There are times when I’ve had a confrontation with an employee that turned ugly, but it was always in private and usually because the employee didn’t like what they were hearing and turned violent.   This, however, is way beyond that.  How do things get so bad that it literally ends in violence?

And to me, the amazing part is that the manager was not charged and “acting in self-defense.”    Watch the video and tell me that there was a need for a guy that big to hit a female like he did.      At least they both got fired.

From NY Daily News:

A hulking manager for a Gramercy Park Panera Bread franchise attacked a subordinate Wednesday, knocking her to the ground with two teeth-chattering haymakers as onlookers begged him to stop, a stunning video released on YouTube shows.

The footage, recorded at 12:30 p.m. at the Park Ave. South eatery near E. 23rd St., shows the worker, who’s clearly a foot shorter than the manager, yelling at her boss. She throws a bag of chips on the floor and the manager wallops her twice.

“Don’t hit her!” stunned onlookers scream.

The second blow knocked the woman to the ground, the 40-second video shows.

But police said Wednesday night that investigators determined the manager was acting in self-defense and he was not charged. Instead, he was given the option to press charges but declined, cops said.

Joe Schumacher, 28, who took the video, had gone to the restaurant for lunch when the horrific scene played out.

Before Schumacher whipped out his iPhone, he said, the manager picked up the woman and threw her out of the store — down a flight of steps. Outraged, the young woman ran back in and confronted him.

“She got one good slap in and I say good for f—ing her,” said Schumacher.

“It was like a man hitting a child,” he said of the manager’s blow. Panera said both the manager and employee have been fired.