Walmart Is Just Asking For it With This Display

I hate playballs.  I really do.  I hate selling them, because kids like to grab them and play with them in the store, putting displays at risk as well as customers.  (I once saw a kid nearly bowl an old lady over when he threw one and it hit her in the kneecaps.)   But these days I bite my tongue when the kids start tossing them around like they’re at the park, because the parents don’t seem to mind and I actually hope they knock something over to teach them a lesson.  (Especially since I wouldn’t have to clean it up.)

For fun one time I put up a sign on our playball display that said “We don’t sell drugs in your park, so please don’t play ball in our drug store.”  It didn’t help.

But this display at a Walmart?  Might as well just put “Jump In For Savings!”  I’m sure there will be a lawsuit or two when the kiddies get injured jumping in and hitting their head on the bottom of the pool.  Personally I would have filled the pool with water first, but that’s just me.