2 Killed, More Injured As Americans Trample Each Other for Black Friday Bargains

   Once again, another Black Friday is past and there are casualties in the US.  Two people were killed during Black Friday sales and as you can see by the videos below, people have not stopped acting like cavemen in an effort to get a cheap TV (or worse, bath towels!)

    I have not heard of anything in my area, and in fact from what I’ve heard, most of the stores were relatively calm, but it’s amazing that some stores have STILL not figured out a way to control the crowds during these sales.   This is why you won’t see me within 10 miles of a retail store on Thanksgiving or the day after.  I refuse to get injured or killed by a retail shopper, they’ve caused me enough pain during my retail career…

Mindless shoppers aren’t even getting the great discounts they cherish since retailers artificially inflate prices of goods in the months before the sales in order to make the subsequent discounts look good in comparison. Also, even if shoppers do manage to grab some genuine discounts, they will invariably buy another product that has a 98 percent markup value.

If we take a step back to observe this downright insanity, it is getting difficult to differentiate between Frank Darabont’s Walking Dead and Black Friday shoppers.

As the shopping began late Thursday night, so did the disgusting display savagery and greed.

Immediately after listing how thankful they were for everything in their lives, people fled to the store to fill their lives with more things. So far, two people have been killed and countless videos are popping up of consumers shoving, hitting, and knocking each other over — to get a bargain.

A 20-year-old New Jersey man was shot and killed around 1 a.m. at Hamilton Mall in Mays Landing, in the parking lot next to Macy’s, the Press of Atlantic City reported.

Then, in Reno, NV, an unknown man was killing in a Wal-Mart parking lot. Police said the unidentified victim was gunned down at 6:05 p.m. in a driveway leading up to the superstore, KOLO TV reported. The gunman and his victim were fighting over a parking spot, officials said.

Video from a Walmart in Bainbridge, Georgia shows shoppers fighting to grab every last towel from the display.

Meanwhile, in Houston, Texas, shoppers raged over a $99 toy convertible for children.

Another fight broke out over deeply discounted electronics at a Walmart in Columbus, Mississippi.


In Fairfield, California, apparently, no items were needed to spark a scuffle between multiple shoppers. The mere presence of black friday ‘bargains’ was enough to provoke them. Perhaps we should change Black Friday to Black Eye Friday.


Just as we started regaining faith in humanity, after last year’s Black Friday idiocy, here it comes again. The mindset that it takes to enact violence against another person in an attempt to purchase a cheap television is flabbergasting.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with buying things, especially inexpensive things as free trade is what raises the quality of life for everyone. However, watching others trample each other over a Blu-ray player while simultaneously being trampled by their rulers in Washington DC is a telling sign of things to come.

Amazingly enough, even with the countless videos acting as a mirror and showing the horrid nature of this human behavior, it continues every year.

If Americans got as upset over the crimes of their government as they do over cheap plastic goods with built-in obsolescence, we would have colonized Mars by now.

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