Easter Is Here!!


Easter is here and yesterday was another crazy day of last-minute shoppers, as always some complaining because we ran out of Cadbury Eggs (sorry, but we’ve had them for almost 3 months, you had your chance) and others complaining about the cost of a greeting card (Yes, $6.99 is a lot for a greeting card that costs about 18 cents to produce, but don’t you care enough to give the very best?)

Here’s an Easter trivia test to keep you busy until the Easter Bunny comes.  Answers are below, no cheating or no Peeps for you!

1:What is the most popular symbol on Hallmark’s Easter cards?

2:How much do Americans spend on Easter candy per year?

3:How do the majority of young children prefer to eat their jellybeans?

4:Approximately how many chocolate bunnies are sold each easter?

5:What is the most popular Easter candy?

6:How many marshmallow peeps are sold each year?

7:About how many Easter cards are expected to be exchanged this year?

8:How do the majority of children eat their chocolate bunnies?

9:Including the White House lawn, approximately how many Easter eggs are hunted per year?

10:What is the most popular jellybean flavor?


Answers:   1B, 2D, 3A, 4C, 5A, 6B, 7D, 8B, 9C, 10C

One thought on “Easter Is Here!!

  1. Got 4 out of 10 correct, which isn’t too bad considering I was much more concerned about my Passover seder. I do love those Peeps though, and they seem to sell out the fastest where I live.

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