Bitchy Sick Note to Boss Goes Viral

So last week I talked about sick calls from employees, here’s a different take on the situation.  Evidently this employee’s job required a doctor’s note for them to miss work, and the doctor used the opportunity to make a statement about the company policy.    I love the “kind regards” part at the end…

We all know about the doctor’s “sick note” — that letter an official physician must write for your school or employer that verifies you have been missing school / work because you are, as you have said and as anyone can see, are sick.


Most of us understand why this policy was invented. There are far too many people who take advantage of sick days and pretend to be sick when in fact they’re just enjoying a day off. But now an unverified sick note allegedly written from a doctor to an employee’s boss is making waves on the internet. Why? Because it’s the kind of sharp, bitchy note you don’t normally expect to see coming from a doctor.