Another Amazing Customer

I thought I’d seen everything, until I saw this on The Bitchy Waiter.   Some kid goes to a restaurant and not only doesn’t leave a tip, but actually DEDUCTS money from the bill when he signs it with the excuse of “college” as the reason.  This is wrong on so many levels:

  1.  Going to college is not the same as, say, being homeless.  You can still afford to eat.
  2. If you’re actually hurting for money that bad, why would you eat at a nice restaurant and spend $75?  I can name about 100 places to eat that would fit into your budget.
  3.  Deducting from the bill?  Never seen that before, I’d think that would be the same as stealing from the restaurant, no?

Now there is an easier explanation for this–perhaps he meant to “only” leave a $5.00 tip but added $79.76 and $5.00 and came up with $74.76 instead of $84.76.    If that’s the case,  you might want to pay attention more in college.  (Or actually, in elementary school, because that’s where you should have learned basic math.)