Ten Retail Customer Horror Stories

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     These are from “I Work in Retail And Hate My Life” on Facebook and are some of the best stories ever.   #7 reminds me of the customer that kept bringing fax machines back to Staples, I happened to be there when he returned the 3rd one because “It just doesn’t work.”   I plugged it in and flipped the power switch on the back, and lo and behold it comes to life.  “Oh, there’s a power switch?  I thought you just plugged it in.”   Arggggghhhhh


2. “I used to work at Domino’s Pizza, and as most will know, they do a ‘Two for Tuesday’ buy-one-get-one-free deal. A customer phones and tells me she would like ‘A Two for Tuesday please.’ I say, ‘Ma’am, it’s Thursday.’ She grumpily replies, ‘I would still like a Two For Tuesday.’”

3. “I worked on a deli counter and a man came in 10 minutes before closing time on Christmas Eve and lost his shit when he realised we had run out of pork pies. After shouting at me for 10 minutes he told me that I had ruined not only this Christmas for him, but every subsequent Christmas after because he would always remember the Christmas he had to go pork pie-less. I apologised and asked if he would like to speak to the manager, and he replied, ‘It’s not your manager that’s ruined my Christmases, it’s you [*pauses to look at my name badge*] RACHEL,’ and then stormed off.”

4. “I work at a bank and a customer once presented his plumber’s ID to do a withdrawal. When I told him that it wasn’t an acceptable form of ID he replied, ‘You have your rules, I have my rules.’”

5. “One customer threatened to pee on the dressing room floor because I told her it was against our corporate policy to let her use the restroom in our back room because it was unsafe and a hazard. She was over 50, and knows that a dressing room floor is not a place for urine.”

6. “One of the servers at my work had a customer complain that their ice water was too cold and asked for it to be microwaved. She was very upset when the server returned with a cup of just water.”

7. “I used to work in the home section of a high-end department store in New York. A woman comes in to return her Keurig saying that it won’t make coffee, won’t turn on: nothing. We happily exchange it for a new one. Two weeks later she’s back. Same problem, it won’t turn on and it’s totally dead. So we give her a new one. A week later she comes back AGAIN with the same problem. This time, she’s LIVID and yelling at one of the associates. ‘I can’t believe you sell such a terrible product! No one here has any idea what they are doing! God, it’s like every time I put it in the dishwasher it breaks!’ She had been putting her entire coffee machine into the dishwasher and didn’t understand why it kept breaking.”

8. “When I was a server, I once had a girl ask for a cheeseburger without cheese. My reply was ‘So just a burger?’, to which she replied ‘No, a cheeseburger without cheese.’”

9. “I was working in a health food store when a woman came in asking for local organic oranges, swearing she had bought local oranges from our store in the past. It was February…and we live in Canada.”

10. “One time a customer came up with a coupon that was written on BY THEM, CLEARLY, to give them a free meal instead of just a free pretzel. They kept INSISTING that it was a legit coupon and we ended up having to call the manager and mall security.”