The Weirdest Canned Foods You Can Buy

Hey, Heinz! Thanks for ruining my all-time favorite food!

How do you even get it out of the can without destroying the dang thing?

Throw it away and let the worms figure it out.

Just imagine eight, full-length Vienna sausages! That’s eight too many if you ask me.

Finally! You don’t have to go through all the trouble of catching a pigeon.

Holy hell that is so gross. Grape jelly?

I’ve only eaten regular dick. Do you guys know if the spotted kind is any good?

“Milk gravy” somehow makes this even weirder. At least it’s only $1.09.

Okay, so maybe pork brains taste gross. On the bright side, they have 1060% of your daily cholesterol intake, so at least there’s that.

Powdered horse milk?


You think canned chocolate is gross? Here’s the kicker: “Tomathon coyce” translates to “in tomato sauce.”

All day breakfast: The breakfast that tastes like it’s been left out all day…at best.

Fully cooked and covered in a slime brine. Just like mama used to make!

No thanks!

I’m more of a crocodile man myself.

NOPE. I prefer to chew my bird’s nests, thank you very much.

I’ll eat French toast any way I can get it, but from a company called Thick It? I don’t think so.