12 Ridiculously Expensive Toys

   One of these is actually available at Toys R Us.  They go up in price and craziness as you go down the list.   I don’t have kids but if I did, I wouldn’t spend $69 on a vacuum for them unless it really worked and they could help out around the house.   And I think their daddy would be driving the Mercedes around more than they would.  Just sayin’

1. This $69 play vacuum.

This $69 play vacuum.

That better have real suction power if it’s nearly $70. (It doesn’t though. Just a “vacuum sound.”) If your kid won’t actually be cleaning with it then they can just get a$23 Dirt Devil toy.

2. This $249 pedal roadster.

This $249 pedal roadster.

A retro ride for your kid. They can get a workout with the pedals and look classy doing so, but they can get the same workout with this $73 version.

3. This $250 teepee.

This $250 teepee.

This is problematic for a number of reasons, tbh. You could just as easily make a more… culturally appropriate… space with some blankets and chairs or something – or a get a $30 play tent.

4. This $259 washer and dryer set.

This $259 washer and dryer set.

Unless your child will be doing their own laundry, why spend this much on a play thing? It doesn’t even come with the iron or ironing board. You have to spend more for that.

5. This $399 kitchen set.

This $399 kitchen set.

THE SINK IS STAINLESS STEEL. What kind of foolishness is this? You can get a play kitchen for $150. It has a stove, fridge, and microwave.

6. A $470 Mercedes Benz G55.

A $470 Mercedes Benz G55.

Maybe that roadster was a little too dated and you want something more contemporary. Why not a Benz? Oh – because it’s $470. Yeah. You can get the kids a classic Big Wheel for $55.

7. A $700 doll stroller.

A $700 doll stroller.

So this is a ~doll pram~ that costs more than any doll you could put in here. Ummmyou can get a $45 version.

8. This $1,100 ride-on pony.

This $1,100 ride-on pony.

It’s cheaper than buying and keeping a real pony – barely. This little $120 horse on wheels is a better option.

9. This $1,560 t-rex headboard.

This $1,560 t-rex headboard.

LOL why not? Because it’s over $1K, that’s why. You can get a T-rex wall decal for $99.

10. This $7,125 carousel horse.

This $7,125 carousel horse.

Why get this when you probably need a whole carousel and such to accompany the lone horse? Spare the carousel animal kingdom and go for this classic rocking horse for $149.

11. This $8,845 dollhouse playset.

This $8,845 dollhouse playset.

But it’s not just any playset. It’s a playhouse with a swing set, slide, and rock wall because kids need recreation, not just a place to play house, obviously – but not for almost $9K. You can get a similar one for almost 90% less.

12. And this $50,000 Mediterranean Villa Playhouse.

And this $50,000 Mediterranean Villa Playhouse.

Not to mention this thing can be customized to include cable, water, electricity, A/C and marble, or Mexican tile. You’re basically moving your kids to a new house in the backyard. That’s a little extreme, don’t you think? All they did was love you. Put them up in this $130 cottage for playtime and let them stay with you in the house.