Is Food Shrinking or Are You Getting Bigger?

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Recently there was a big controversy because Cadbury changed the formulation of the chocolate in their famous Creme Eggs in the UK. (Relax, Americans, it’s still the same here.)  It has also been noticed that the size of their eggs has decreased.   In 2007 an actor named B.J. Novak went on Conan and demonstrated that the eggs had gone from 39g to 34g which is over 10% less.

Since they’re sold only one time of year, it’s pretty hard to notice the difference.   What has been easily noticeable is that the cartons have gone from 5-packs to 4-packs.  But on the Cadbury website, you get an easy explanation:

Why has the size of the egg changed?
It hasn’t – you’ve just grown up!

Regardless, I can tell you that they are still the most requested Easter item and we actually have them in early January and start selling them before VALENTINES DAY.   Americans love their Cadbury Eggs (and the Mini-Eggs) and will probably keep buying them until they resemble Robin Eggs in size.

I guess they are just following the trend of shrinking food.  We’ve all probably noticed candy bars getting smaller, but so are canned vegetables and bags of potato chips.  But worry not, you’re now getting more Pop-Tarts in a box than you used to. 


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