Some Retail Companies Still Care About Their Employees

So there’s a grocery chain in Texas called H-E-B and they were recently named #1 in customer service by a major poll and they rewarded the employees with $100 bonus!  THAT is how you build loyalty, attract quality employees and keep them.    If you haven’t heard of them (I hadn’t) there’s a great article about them here.   One thing you will notice is that they are still a private company, the 12th largest in the country, which means they run the business to keep the business successful long-term, not to appease stockholders every quarter by showing better numbers all the time.  You will also see they have 15-30 year employees which is much like a company I used to work for, Longs Drugs.   They have no interest in expanding outside of Texas (they have a lot of Texas-specific items that they sell) and I hope they continue to run as an independent business and not get swallowed up by a major corporation because it’s refreshing to see.

Here’s the story about the bonus:

H-E-B gifts all employees $100 bill to celebrate #1 grocery retailer in the nation ranking

H-E-B is giving each of their employee’s $100 as a way to say thanks.

According to Johnny Mojica, H-E-B’s Public Affairs Specialist, “to celebrate being named the #1 grocery retailer in the nation by Dunnhumby, we presented each partner with a $100 bill.”

An employee posted about receiving the $100 bonus on Twitter.

This is why i love the company i have worked for, for 15 yrs.
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The bill came with a note that says “we know that the most important “ranking” we get is from our customers, and it’s clear that you’re doing an excellent A+ job in running the business while taking care of our customers.”

H-E-B told 25 News this was “a way of saying thank you for all the hard work and passionate service our Partners provide each and every day to our customers and the many communities we serve throughout Texas.”