23 Pics That Prove We’re Being Lied To

These are from Diply.com, and while some of them may make you feel better about recycling, #10 is really disturbing if you buy brand-name underwear.  And in a bit of irony, the article in Diply is titled “23 pics…” but after the first page it changes to “16 pics…” so they were kinda lying too, yes?


1. Those long lighters you use for barbecues and candles? They’re really just smaller lighters on the inside.

Still pretty handy to have around, but this kind of spoils the magic.
Reddit | WhiteMystery

2. There’s nothing especially fancy about a fire alarm like you might expect — there’s just a simple toggle underneath.

Honestly, I expected many more bells and whistles. Bells in particular.
Reddit | Silentwisdom91

3. If you thought your tablet case was going to be 100% new materials, think again.

This one here is made out of old toothpaste boxes. Recycling paper comes in many forms!
Reddit | Theultravisitor

4. When you think you’re buying an SD card, sometimes you’re buying a Micro SD card inside an SD card case.

But hey, as long as it works, that’s what matters, right?

5. Apparently the makers of Bocce balls are all about re-purposing and recycling, because they contain old billiard balls.

You’d think this would affect the weight distribution or the balance of the Bocce balls, but maybe that’s not such a big deal.
Reddit | cbnimble

6. Another use for old pool balls? As the base for a cue ball.

So pool balls don’t fall far from the old table! They sure can take a beating and keep on rolling.
Reddit | FLORI_DUH

7. Not sure what it is about recycling game stuff, but even dice can be made from old dice?

Doesn’t it feel like it would be easier to just make a brand new die instead? Maybe it would last longer, too?
Reddit | couldbeit

8. The rattle inside a spray paint can isn’t anything sinister or even terribly interesting — it’s a plain old marble.

I always thought it was a little pebble or maybe a plastic ball. Nope. Marble.

9. This can of Arizona Green Tea was originally intended for Shaq Blueberry Cream Soda.

Looks like his sodas weren’t exactly a slam dunk with thirsty folks, because they’ve been re-purposed.
Reddit | ajf704

10. These Fruit of the Loom boxers pack a little something extra in the waistband — Joe Boxers.

Which is sort of a step up, right? Or it means Joe Boxer has been ripping us off as much as we rip them off.
Reddit | FreeNachos

11. Inside this 9-Volt battery are six AAAA batteries.

Again, not sure exactly what I expected, but certainly not just a bunch of smaller batteries. Are all batteries just Russian nesting dolls that provide electricity?
Reddit | AyYoDeano

12. This Halloween ‘ghost’ chocolate bears a striking resemblance to a chocolate Christmas bell.

Eh, I guess I’d eat it either way, but is it wrong to hope for a little more effort from the candy-makers?

13. Buried beneath the label for a can of Febreze was a label for another air freshener: Ambi Pur.

Which is really Febreze by another name — it all depends on where in the world it’s being sold.
Reddit | WaffleTurtle

14. This car key fob lost its Chrysler tag, revealing that it once had another life as a Mercedes key fob.

Same parent company, but oh how the mighty have fallen.
Reddit | Its_bigC

15. It’s hard to say for sure whether the shoe deodorizer just went into the anti-perspirant bottle, or if they’re actually the same stuff, but the optics aren’t good.

Would you put shoe deodorizer under your pits?
Reddit | cl3ft

16. You know what makes those slap bracelets work? They’re just tape measures inside.

Pretty ingenious use for old/broken tape measures, really. Someone must have made a fortune off of them.

17. This was supposed to be a tube of Speed Stick deodorant, but at the bottom it said ‘Right Guard.’

And they’re not made by the same company — Speed Stick is a Colgate-Palmolive brand, while Right Guard is made by Henkel. So what gives?

18. This ShopRite receipt printed off on receipt paper from Macy’s.

Here’s hoping this isn’t actually a sign of hard times for ShopRite. It’s okay for this to just be weird.
Reddit | TerryWulhulherher

19. The jeans in this display aren’t really jeans at all.

It’s just some foam wrapped in denim made to look like layers of jeans. The secret is out!
Reddit | basstafari

20. These scented pens are just a mess.

Apple is gray now? Pineapple is blue? Lemon is orange? Strawberry is purple and banana is green? What world do these pens even live in?
Reddit | diertje

21. This person bought a pack of cream soda and found a root beer can inside. In the root beer can? Orange soda.

That’s just a roller coaster of deception.
Reddit | trachbreaker

22. The see-through plastic on the hand dryer on the wall of this bathroom shows that there’s actually a hair dryer inside.

Hey, whatever gets the job done, I guess.
Reddit | numonestun

23. So the picture of the chip has been “enlarged to show texture and detail?”