17 Hilarious Customer Complaints To Fill Your Work Day

  Today I was working in a store and a customer asked the manager for Half and Half.  The manager politely said they don’t carry it, they carry a few dairy items but that wasn’t one of them.   The customer came back with “Well you should, that’s a basic item that EVERYBODY buys.”    In a drug store?  I don’t think so pal.   And while that guy was a little out there, he doesn’t compare to any of these I found on Whisper.


Someone complained that I wouldn't let her take money out of our tip jar to pay for her coffee


2 guys ordered drinks for some girls in the pub. When I served them, their boyfriends showed up. They got mad. At me.


That we should be sued for making our watermelons too heavy for elderly women to carry. (after she refused help and dropped one on the floor)


I work in a bank. I had a person scream at me because I wouldn't just give him $40 when his account was empty. Sorry you don't have money for gas, maybe you shouldn't have bought beer.


I've personally been accused of changing the internet......the entire internet. They demanded I change it back the way it used to be.


'I bought these socks here a week ago and they itch me. Can I return them?' The old lady was wearing the socks as she told me this.


i had a lady get mad we didnt have black friday deals at my work. i work at a gas station...


In a shoe store customers complained I don't know their children's feet size. When I ask them what they are they say "my kid is 7 years old"


i had someone complain to my manager that my hair covered part of my face while i rang them up and it seemed like i was hidding something and made her feel uncomfortable...


I work at McDonald's and got a happy meal thrown at me cause she got a black bird toy


This guy wanted one single .99 cent swisher cigar, then proceeded to pull out 3 credit cards and when I told him I can't charge three credit cards for a .99 cent cigar he yelled at me.


When I worked at Little Caesers I had someone go off on me because we didn't sell rice. They said it was an "all american food" and "everywhere should sell rice." Like tf seriously?! 🙄


"This chair is uncomftorable. Can you get me a different one?" No, all of the chairs in the restaurant are the same.


"This is too cold" they grabbed a frozen pizza out of the freezer section 😑


I work in a restaurant and an adult woman ordered a children's portion for herself and then complained that it was too small.


Someone's brand of cigarettes changed names and yelled at me for "not having them" because they had a slightly different name and package