Why Don’t You Have Doggie Bags in Your Bathroom?

Dog Using the Toilet

I’ve ranted about service dogs being allowed in stores before, and how easy it is to get them a fake license, but this latest one takes the cake.  While in the breakroom of a store that has their restrooms connected to it (so customers will stroll through while you’re eating your lunch…) a lady came out of the ladies room with her obviously-not-a-service dog on a leash.   I didn’t bother to check whether or not the dog also did it’s business, but it just amazes me that someone thinks it’s appropriate to bring a dog into a public restroom with them.  (Also wonder if she sits on the toilet with the pooch in her lap at home, I apologize if you can’t un-think  THAT lovely image.)

I’ll have to check the rules, but I guess the way things are going these days, the response will be that as long as the dog identifies as female, it’s totally OK.