Barred Customers


The above is from Retail Hell Underground  and is a list from a bar of customers that were well, barred from coming in .  I was amused by the fact that many of them aren’t known by their names, but rather by a description of what they are, such as “Tall Chavvy Fighting Idiot of Gold.”

We had our share of barred customers as well, but most of them were thieves or scammers and they rarely came back.  But we also had some customers just known for their quirks as well–we had the “Scarf Lady” (a lady who had Alzheimers but somehow drove to our store and always wore a scarf) and “Bleach Man” (who was a germophobe who sprayed everything with bleach before he touched it.)   My favorite, however, was “Bad Toupee Guy.   He was a guy in his 70’s who wore the most obvious jet black toupee that never fit quite right.   Sadly, we never got to see it come off.