20 Things You Won’t Believe You Can Buy From A Vending Machine

   So I’ve seen a vending machine in my local mall that dispenses items from Best Buy, and also one that has fragrances inside, but I had no idea the lengths that people are going to in order to sell things without a human being there.  I am now hard at work at a machine that will dispense Rolaids, which I will put right next to these, because after eating some of these things you will probably need some.

Here’s the first 20,  20 more coming tomorrow and then one that you will probably think isn’t real.     


The person who thought of the vending machine is a genius for 2 simple reasons: you don’t need to hire personnel to man a vending machine like you would a store, and this keeps things in stock and available for the masses, 24/7. While most of the vending machines you are used to would dispense coffee, soft drinks, packaged food and snacks, these days we can find a lot more variety being offered.


Live Crabs. Who would have thought that we’d see the day when crabs can be made available in vending machines. And they are alive! Grab one on the go if you are in China.


(Image source: The Atlantic)

Ice cream. I scream, you scream, we scream for ice cream in a machine. This one is from Japan but you might have come across the ones from Ben and Jerry’s.


(Image source: Wikimedia)

Pizza (cooked). Want to get a steaming hot 9-inch pizza within 3 minutes? Then, keep a lookout for a Let’s Pizza vending machine. Most of these can be found around Europe and lately in America.


(Image source: Aol)

T-shirts. If you are a fan of Uniqlo T-shirts, this vending machine in Harajuku, Japan dispenses the whole line via vending machines. Shame it’s no longer there, though.


(Image source: Wired)

Noodles. Instant cup noodles aren’t the healthiest of snacks but if you still have a hankering for ramen or udon, this particular machine in Japan dispenses a hot bowl of these noodles complete with meat and veggies. Yummy!


(Image source: Techeblog)

Baguettes. Get fresh baguettes 24/7 with this particular vending machine, thought up by French baker Jean-Louis Hecht who got fed up with his customers knocking on his door on all hours of the day (and night) to get their hands on his delicious baguettes.


(Image source: Yahoo)

Guitar strings. For when you are on your way to a night gig and realize that your guitar needs a fix. It also dispenses guitar picks and drum sticks. This machine resides in Portland, Oregon.


(Image source: The Beer Chaser)

Bike parts. Cyclists will love this particular machine as it dispenses bike parts to replace the ones that broke in yours. You can also get your punctured tyre pumped or grab a quick snack. It first appeared in Brooklyn, New York.

(Image source: Pop-Up City)

Cupcakes. Satisfy your sudden midnight sweet tooth cravings with this heaven-sent machine by Sprinkles Cupcakes. The machines can be found in New York, LA, Chicago, Atlanta, and Dallas.


(Image source: New York Post)

Burgers. It’s official, fast food cannot get any faster than this machine in the Netherlands. If you prefer having your burger being cooked though, you can try Japan’s burger vending machine.


(Image source: Complex)

Bananas. When this vending machine first came out in Japan, people went bananas over them. I’d go bananas if I see this machine too.


(Image source: Tofugu)

Eggs. This vending machine is found in the mountains of the Northern Hyogo Prefecture, Japan and is the perfect way to keep eggs fresh and readily available for the residents there, 24/7.


(Image source: Tofugu)

Salad. Healthy and goodness, in a salad, in a jar, in a vending machine. Not all vending machines dispenses fast food. While we’re on the subject…


(Image source: Daily Mail)

Caviar. Ain’t nobody got time to dress up, fight for reservations, and light candles for some fine gourmet dining no more. Want some roe? Just grab them from the machine and go. More commonly found in upper scale neighborhoods in LA.


(Image source: NBC News)

LEGO. Is there a reason why this is only found in Germany’s train stations? LEGO has some explaining to do.


(Image source: i am bored)

DIY Toys. A project built by development specialists Squibbles Ink and toy store Rotofugi, this DIY machine in Chicago allows you to make your own toy.


(Image source: PSFK)

Rice. Being the staple food of the Japanese people, this machine makes sense. Why isn’t this machine found in more rice-loving Asian countries?


(Image source: The Wiki Gullet Project)

Fantastic Delites. Love Fantastic Delites crackers? This guerrilla marketing tactic dispenses the snack for free, if you would do the things the machine tells you to do. Check out how the public reacted in this video.


(Image source: Coloribus)

Fresh Lettuce. Lettuce doesn’t get fresher than this, in this machine in Japan that is. Perhaps this will help encourage more people to eat their greens rather than falling back on processed foods… naah!