A Little Girl Who Is Obsessed With CVS Had A CVS-Themed Birthday

    Okay so this warmed and broke my heart at the same time.  Such a cute little girl, and happy to see that she had fun at her birthday party, but a CVS-themed party?  Where has this mom been taking her kid?   I’m guessing not to Disneyland, the zoo, the movies, the park, or anywhere else that might stimulate the imagination of a child.  If your kid dreams about red baskets and Extrabucks, you should probably be taken away for child endangerment.  Well, when she turns 18 and goes to work there, her dreams will come to a screeching halt…

CVS-themed birthday party? Little girl gets her wish on her big day

Actually, it didn’t come as a surprise to Gill, who was already well aware of her daughter’s obsession with the pharmacy chain.

In a post on her blog, Gill explained that Iris’ passion for CVS started when construction on the first one in their Arkansas hometown began two years ago.

“The site happens to be directly on our path to Iris’ school, so we drive past the location at least twice a day,” mom wrote. “Being that she was only three when it opened, she watched the progress of the structure being built for nearly half of her life, so naturally it was a big deal when the store finally opened.”

So when Iris said she wanted a CVS birthday bash, that’s just what she got.

“When your kid puts CVS on the same level as [Disney World], you embrace it,” Gill added. “When they ask for a CVS birthday party, you throw it.”

Gill crafted CVS-themed favors for kids and adult guests alike, and she let CVS headquarters in on the plan.

The chain provided the family with even more favors, snacks and various party supplies.

And the location that so enchanted the little girl made sure to give her a special greeting on her big day.

Lest anyone think this is just some sly advertising the corporation arranged rather than really what a 4-year-old wanted, Gill offered this glimpse at Iris’ CVS fixation 10 months ago.

There’s no doubt about it: That’s true love — for a pharmacy.