Sunday Soapbox–The World Is A Scary Place

The other day I’m in a store and a customer came in with his little boy, around 6 or 7 I’d guess.  The kid wandered away from Dad and into the Halloween aisle, and set off one of the sound-activated Halloween monsters.  Kid freaks out and starts crying, Dad comes over and consoles him and then shows him it’s not real, kid stops crying, end of story.  (That which does not kill you only makes you stronger, right?)

It reminded me back, however to when I was a store manager and a lady brought her kid in to the store and we had a gorilla costume (non-animated) on the top of one of the Halloween aisles.  Her kid saw it and started crying, and she then went into a tirade about “How could you do this to my child? Take that down immediately!” and insisted it shouldn’t be there.   To be nice I took it down but then put it back up after she left.  If she came back and her kid got scared again, I’m sure she would have been upset but hey lady, the world is a scary place and maybe you should prepare your kids for the traumatic experience of an empty gorilla costume in a store.   If they can’t handle it, keep them in their plastic bubble at your house.   We need to sell all of this stuff.    That is all.