The 16 stupidest things Urban Outfitters has ever sold

I don’t shop at Urban Outfitters, partly because their damn windows are always cracked, but here is 16 more reasons I would never enter their building.  I am not one easily offended, but it’s hard to decide which of these offended me MORE.  You just have to wonder the intelligence of the people who came up with these and thought they would be considered “cute.”   A blood-stained Kent State T-shirt? REALLY??

     Every major retailer has a clothing fail every once in a while. But for Urban Outfitters, it seems as if stupid, silly, overpriced and otherwise unnecessary products are introduced with every new season. Oh, and they just did it again with these holocaust-themed tapestries. Really Urban Outfitters? Really? These are the crowning achievements, the reasons we try to shop at local boutiques: the 16 stupidest things Urban Outfitters has ever sold.

 1) The bike ’stache

Because nothing says over-the-top hipster like cruising to the farmers market with one of these bad boys on your handle bars.

2) Bug lunchbags

Everyone wants to see cockroaches just before they eat, right?

3) The cupcake booty buddy

This eye-catching snuggie only cost customers $89.

4) The sandwich tent

Shame on you, Urban Outfitters. What would Ron Swanson say?

5) A shirt that comes in ‘Obama black’

Are you kidding?

6) The inflatable unicorn horn for cats and dogs

Sure, because they’ll LOVE that.

7) ‘Depression’ and ‘Eat Less’ T-shirtsEmbedded image permalink

Fortunately, neither are currently available for purchase.

8) A gramophone speaker accessible via Bluetooth

For a cool $400. Technology evolved for a reason, you guys.

9) Racially insensitive gearEmbedded image permalink

Don’t even get us started on the “Navajo” line.

10) These phone cases

This was the point of iPhone, right?

11) Ghettopoly

Embedded image permalink

Ghettopoly. Not a joke. Not even a little bit. Ghettopoly. OOF.

12) Cat teepee

From sister company Free People. Overpriced piece of cultural appropriation, designed to appease an animal that likes nothing more than climbing in empty cardboard boxes. Doesn’t this just say it all?

13) Kurt Cobain suicide note T-shirt

This ultra-classy move was so reviled that launched a—thankfully successful—petition to have it removed from store shelves.

14) A ‘blood-stained’ Kent State sweatshirt

Embedded image permalink

Here’s a clue, guys: National tragedies are not fashion fodder.

15) Jewish star shirt

Just… ugh.

16) The Holocaust-reminiscent tapestry

Embedded image permalink

Since if something doesn’t go over well the first time, you should definitely try it again.