Retail: It’s A Dangerous World

Unfortunately as times continue to get tougher for many, people may choose to do stupid things in an effort to offset declining or non-existent wages.  As such, many of those stupid things  are carried out in retail establishments across the nation.  At any given time, without warning, we may find ourselves in the middle of a dangerous situation.  Do you know what to do?  Have you even considered the possibility of something bad happening?  It’s a scary world we live within, at present.

I’ve linked to a video of two retail customers who were in the process of being robbed by an armed assailant.  Instead of playing the victim role and hoping the suspect wouldn’t shoot them after he accomplished his criminal deed, these two decided to physically engage the suspect. They successfully pummeled the suspect into submission and restrained him until the authorities arrived to take him into custody.

I’ve always had a mixed view upon this type of action.  Not only is it dangerous for you as the intended victim, but there’s a non-controlled weapon in play. One must consider an accidental discharge of the weapon and surrounding civilian employees and customers.  What happens if in the process of defending yourself, the weapon discharges and a child is struck?  Are you prepared for those consequences? Have you considered the possible litigation to be brought against you by the poor, misunderstood, idiot criminal?

There’s a lot to consider and a huge potential downside when taking such action. I personally don’t recommend such. That said, I’m not the type of person who can sit idly by and observe such a crime taking place and accept the inherent danger such criminals place the public in with zero concern for their well being.  I’m personally of the opinion, if you have the physical ability and mental wherewithal to intervene, by all means, let the crook suffer the consequences.  If I see a struggle with a crook taking place, I will absolutely intervene and assist in any way possible. Although, one must understand, I’ve personally dealt with such situations for over 30 years.  I know the laws pertaining to use of force and the law.  I’m better prepared that most customers that are out there.

So I pose this question to you all … how do you think you’d respond in such a situation? Hiding and protecting your loved ones is not cowardice and in many situations is probably the smartest approach. Ask yourselves, what do you think you’d do? Are you a good witness or an active participant?


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